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Chinese White Dolphin

Funding Research on Chinese White Dolphin Conservation

The Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, commonly known as the Chinese white dolphin, has an enlarged dorsal hump at mid-back on which a small, falcate dorsal fin sits, hence the name. The colour of Chinese white dolphin has great variations depending on their geographical location. In Chinese waters, their colour changes with age: newborns are dark grey, then eventually morphing to white or pink as they grow up. Some adults may retain grey spots.
In recent years, the awareness of Chinese white dolphin conservation has risen and more attention has been given to local conservation work. Major threats that they are facing include: fishing net entanglement, habitat loss and disturbance, and pollution.

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) is actively involved in Chinese white dolphin conservation. We have established the only Marine Life Stranding Response Team in Hong Kong and funded different conservation projects related to the species.

Marine Life Stranding Response Team

OPCFHK collaborates with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department to investigate stranding cases of cetacean and threatened species of sharks and rays in Hong Kong.

Funding Chinese White Dolphin Conservation Projects

OPCFHK has funded dozens of Chinese white dolphin conservation projects over the years.

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