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Finless Porpoise

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Nicknamed as the "sea-pig", Finless porpoise looks round and chubby. They are grey in color and beak-less. Their most distinct feature is that they lack a dorsal fin. Instead, they have a wide (about 48 to 120mm wide) dorsal groove that begins just ahead of mid-back and extends to the tailstock.

Indo-Pacific Finless porpoises can be found in the southern and eastern waters of Hong Kong. We can sometimes find them in areas between the southern side of Lantau Island and Lamma Island. It is estimated that there are about 200 finless porpoises in the Pearl River Estuary (including Hong Kong). However, this could probably be an underestimate as finless porpoises have no dorsal fin and are relatively shy. Also, they seldom approach boats or exhibit aerial behavior. Hence, they are very difficult to spot compared to Chinese White Dolphins.

Major threats that they are facing include: fishing net entanglement, habitat loss and disturbance, and marine traffic and pollution.

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) is actively involved in Indo-Pacific finless porpoise conservation. We have established the only Cetacean Stranding Response Team in Hong Kong and funded different conservation projects.

Cetacean Stranding Response Team

OPCFHK collaborates with Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department to investigate stranding cases of cetacean and threatened species of sharks and rays in Hong Kong.

Funding Finless Porpoise Conservation Projects

OPCFHK funds Finless porpoise research and conservation projects in Asia, such as studying the species' population structure in the Pearl River Estuary, Japan and Malaysia.

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