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Marine Life Stranding Response Team

Since May 2006, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) has been collaborating with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) to establish the "Marine Life Stranding Response Team" (previously known as the "Cetacean Stranding Response Team") and investigate marine life stranding cases in Hong Kong, with most cases involving finless porpoises and Chinese white dolphins. In 2016, OPCFHK has also extended the Stranding Response Programme to threatened species of sharks and rays. The Response Team will arrive at the site as soon as possible after receiving a stranding report, to conduct necropsy on site or at Ocean Park, depending on the carcass condition, and collect samples for further examination. In case of live stranding, OPCFHK will work with AFCD and Ocean Park to explore options of rescue.

Nevertheless, OPCFHK has long participated in the work of the Marine Mammal Conservation Working Group (MMCWG), of which dolphin researchers, scientists, fishermen leaders and representatives from different government departments also participate. OPCFHK shares findings from the stranding cases and provides group members with the latest conservation status of local cetaceans. OPCFHK makes recommendation to the Hong Kong SAR Government and helps AFCD to review and refine the Chinese white dolphin and finless porpoise conservation programmes.

Samples collected from the stranded marine animals provide us with important information about local marine life, including age, sex, causes of death and accumulated organic pollutants, which enable conservationists to better conserve the animals and their habitats.

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