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Giant panda, with a distinctive black and white coat, is the most iconic national treasure in China. Their daily diet depends almost entirely on bamboos, including leaves,  stems and shoots. Since bamboo contains very little nutritional value, pandas must eat 12 to 38kg of bamboos every day to meet their energy needs. Giant pandas are generally solitary, with each adult having a well-defined home range. Encounters are rare outside the brief mating season.  The earthquake on 12 May 2008 affected 83% of China's panda habitats, and over 500 km2 was completely destroyed (equivalent to 2,630 Victoria Parks in Hong Kong). The breeding centre in Wolong and other field stations were also destroyed, which have compromised patrolling and research activities. Additionally, another major threat to the species is habitat fragmentation by human activities.

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) is actively involved in giant panda conservation. We have established the Giant Panda Rebuilding Fund and funded different conservation projects.

The Giant Panda Rebuilding Fund

OPCFHK conservation efforts were extended from infrastructure rebuilding after earthquake to a three-year donation commitment in July 2017; aiming to support scientific research, capacity building, as well as education projects being carried out in Sanjiang field station under Sichuan Wolong National Nature Reserve.

Funding Giant Panda Conservation Projects

OPCFHK have funded nearly 100 giant panda conservation projects over the years.

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