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Some people may think it is ‘a given’ for restaurants to have ice and drinking straws. We ask for ‘no ice’ or even ‘less sugar’, but we almost never ask for ‘no straws’. Sometimes, things that are ‘a given’ are not always essential, but just a ‘habit’. The habit of using a plastic straw every time you consume a cold beverage has a huge negative impact on countless marine mammals. Furthermore, contaminants in plastic litter enter our food chain, ultimately damaging our health.

Plastic straws are one of the top ten contributors to marine debris. Studies have shown that the average American uses 1.6 straws per day, adding up to a daily total consumption of up to 500 million straws a day. This is enough to circulate the earth two and a half times, which when you think about this happening every day in countries across the world, is a terrifying thought. Once we finish consuming a beverage, the plastic straw becomes waste. It takes only 10 minutes to drink with a plastic straw, but 400-500 years for one to be broken down.

According to a survey conducted by OPCFHK, the annual consumption of plastic straws in Hong Kong is projected to reduce by 260 million in 2018 when compared to the figure for 2017, reflecting a positive trend towards plastic straw free living in the city. However this still means that Hong Kong residents still use an eye-watering, 1.44 billion plastic straws a year.

Plastic waste poses huge threats towards marine animals and their environment. Recent studies have also shown that microplastics can be found in seafood, table salt, and even drinking water.

We must act now to bring new changes, protect our oceans, and safeguard our own health. Let's start living a plastic-free life by going No Straw as the first step, and help create a more sustainable environment together!

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